El-Eman Inspection and Corrosion Services is the leading provider for inspection and corrosion services in Egypt, providing advanced specialized techniques such as Magnetic Tomography Method (MTM/Aqua MTM) and Phonon Diagnostic Technique (PDT). In addition to inspection services, El-Eman provide advanced internal corrosion monitoring (Excalibur Shield), desulfurion catalys/smart chemical cleaning, professional painting services and cathodic protection.

Our Clients

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El-Eman Inspection and Corrosion Services span a wide range of services, including the cutting edge technologies in corrosion inspection, chemical cleaning, cathodic protection and painting. Below are highlights on some of our provided services.

Inspection Services

MTM Inspection

Magnetic Tomography Method, MTM, is an innovative non-intrusive, non-contact method of inspecting pipelines constructed from ferrous materials. It provides 100% inspection of pipelines, and it has been proven in the industry since 2001.

MTM identifies and analyzes magnetic field anomalies in areas with stress concentration, which can result from defects/changes in structural conditions, excessive mechanical stress or a combination of both. In addition to identifying such anomalies, utilizing MTM analysis predicts the causes and advices the need for follow-up actions.

MTM-G: Magnetic Gradient Tomography Method - The New Generation of MTM

A non-destructive testing (NDT) solution for anomaly detection, technical examination, and evaluation of pipeline integrity. MTM-G can be used to inspect above ground, underground, and offshore pipelines of all types and sizes.

PDT Inspection

Phonon Diagnostics Technique, PDT, is a cutting-edge technique in the NDT market. Utilizing PDT enables real-time inspection for pipelines, tanks and vessels, heat exchangers, boilers, offshore platforms legs and its equipment, and risers, etc., without interference with the operating process. When implementing the PDT, all metal loss, leaks and/or cracks can be detected in real-time.

DIATECH holds the world-wide patent for the PDT process, and is the sole provider for the technology, and El-Eman CS is the exclusive supplier of the PDT inspection services in Egypt, providing this advanced technique for our clients in the oil and gas industry.

Excalibur Shield Continuous Corrossion Monitoring

The Excalibur Shield is the most sophisticated internal pipeline corrosion system today, used by the most trusted oil and gas service companies. Utilizing a weight loss coupon with liquid and solid sample collection, the Excalibur Shield provides the most accurate assessment of the internal pipeline condition.

Through the collection of liquid and solid samples, analyzing for MIC (microbial influenced corrosion), and monitoring coupon weight loss in MPY (millimeters per year), a highly accurate assessment of the internal pipeline condition arises, and if necessary, can be effectively mitigated with a highly optimized and localized chemical treatment program.

We, at El-Eman CS, provide oil and gas companies in the region with the Excalibur Shield product, with full services package, including installation, testing and commissioning.

Start-Catalyst™ Desulfurization Technology

Start-Catalyst™ is an innovative new technology for desulfurization of oil and gas that dramatically reduce desulfurization cost while providing a better purification that other methods in the market. Start-Catalyst™ can produced product purity up to 1ppb in 1 to 2 stages of direct oxidation, as opposed to approximately 200ppb in 8 to 11 stages when using the best technologies in the market; at a 3 to 10 times lower cost of ownership.

Start-Catalyst™ is the product of Russian innovation, which has been tested and proven in a number of pilot projects in Russia. Both the technology and the catalyst itself are patented, and provided to the Egyptian market through El-Eman Inspection and Corrosion Services.

Firestop™ Coatings

Passive fire protection, as an important aspect of protecting people and property from fire aims to localize spreading of fire and thus considerably facilitate firefighting i.e. ensure lives and material goods.

Acting within a passive fire protection system, FIRESTOP coatings isolate and reduce the temperature of the building structures and significantly affect their fire characteristics - fire resistance.

FIRESTOP™ coatings are expanding (intumescent) coatings designed for effective fire protection of steel and wooden building structures. These modern thin-film coatings, which act within system of passive fire protection, are made by innovative technology with function to stop spreading of fire.